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Life: Occasional writer, accidental tourist, muse of (and hopefully to) things big, small and bodacious.

Job: It rocks. Check it out at

This Thing: This blog was originally devised as a means to chronicle my journey to 40 (years old).  I am since past that milestone, and am still enjoying the catharsis and the community of writing, so I continue.  For now. 

The Name: The name (from) dollars to dumplings is derived from an old sibling of the phrase 'dollars to doughnuts', where doughnuts or dumplings or any 'd' you choose to throw in there is intended to evoke something worth nothing.  By titling the blog, (from) dollars to dumplings, I seek to reinforce the age-old argument that it is in the very things we often discard as "worthless", that we often find the most beautiful, precious and treasured things of all.